Moving Your Police Force to the Cloud

A look at how police forces in England and Wales migrationed from on-premise

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What does it really mean to move from an on-premise, in-house solution to a cloud solution within the Public Safety arena?

While some police forces are quick to adopt new digital technologies such as bodycams, for many the reality is that they don’t have the capabilities or struggle to store and manage the flood of digital evidence that is being generated.

Some police forces are also concerned about the security aspects of the cloud, which in turn has led to a hesitant adoption.

In this free whitepaper, we cover the advantages of why embracing the cloud to store digital evidence is the future of public safety.

Learn about

  • How three of the largest police forces in the UK adopted cloud for digital evidence
  • Why the cloud was chosen over staying on-premise
  • Understand the needs and business drivers, as well as the benefits of a cloud solution
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